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Fireplaces & Chimneys

Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC.

Fireplace & Chimney Construction or Restoration Services

Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC. Provides high-quality, customized fireplace design and installation services. Each fireplace is designed to your specifications and offers innovative features that suit your preferences. Whether you are seeking a modern or traditional style for your indoor or outdoor fireplace, we will design and install the quintessential fireplace for your home.

A professionally constructed chimney is a crucial component to the safety of the fireplace and structure of your home. Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry possess the experience and capabilities to ensure your chimney is built to the most excellent possible standards. We can also provide professional chimney repair and restoration services to your existing chimney, enhancing its appearance and functionality.

Whether you require a customized indoor or outdoor fireplace or need masonry repair work on your chimney, we can provide you with high-quality craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations while staying within your desired budget. We service the Long Valley, Morris County, and Northern NJ areas and beyond!

How Can We Help You?

At Stone & Bricks Masons, we are happy to serve you as your General Masonry company. We specialize in all kinds of masonry related work and repairs. No job is too small or too big for us. You can contact us today to schedule your No-Cost consultation and estimate!

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