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Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC

Meet the Owner

Johny Pucha arrived to the United States at the age of 16 and attended high school in Bridgeport, CT. His father Angel Pucha, being highly skilled and experienced in the art of the stone and masonry, would bring him on-site for his jobs over the weekends and would teach him the stone and masonry trade as he was attending high school, until he graduated in 2006.

Upon graduating high school, Johny formed a work partnership with his father at his masonry business, and has since worked side-by-side with him, retaining all the necessary skills and experience to allow him to form his own business, which he has managed for over 10 years. Combining the knowledge he has gained from his father, with his hands-on experience in the stone and masonry trade, Johny has been able to perfect his skills and apply them to successfully complete projects of all sizes and scope. Over the coarse of the last 10 years, Johny has gained a reputation for being the premier stone and masonry contractor in the Bridgeport, CT and Newark, NJ areas.

As Founder and Owner of Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC, Johny Pucha strives to provide each customer with a service that is of the highest quality at competitive pricing. Johny utilizes the highest quality materials, offers competitive bids, and gets the project completed on-time and within the specified budget. From the footings and foundation, to concrete slabs, brickwork, demolition, blockwork, stone work, and all types of concrete casting, Johny is committed to providing a professional service, competitive pricing, and to ensure complete customer satisfaction for your next project.

Johny Pucha (Owner)
Angel & Johny Pucha
(Father & Son)

How Can We Help You?

At Stone & Bricks Masons, we are happy to serve you as your General Masonry company. We specialize in all kinds of masonry related work and repairs. No job is too small or too big for us. You can contact us today to schedule your No-Cost consultation and estimate!

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