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Stone & Brick Veneers

Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC.

Stone & Brick Veneers

At Stone & Brick Masons & General Masonry, LLC. Our masonry services include Stone and Brick veneers. Our large assortment of materials includes brick, natural, and cultured stone. A textured stone pattern is one of our more popular selections because of its visual appeal and pleasing appearance, which leaves an enduring impression on your home. We provide high-quality craftsmanship which offers lasting beauty and durability to the exterior of your home or commercial facility. Not only will our stone or brick veneer installation services beautify the appearance of your property, but it will also increase its market value.

A brick or stone exterior is a significant enhancement you can make for your home. Either material creates a fire and weather-resistant layer that will offer increased protection to the structure of your home. Studies have indicated that veneers will increase efficiency and lowers the yearly costs associated with heating and cooling utilities by as much as ten percent. We can install stones and brick veneers in various patterns, colors, and styles. We are based in Long Valley, NJ, and service residential and commercial property owners throughout Northern NJ and the surrounding areas.

How Can We Help You?

At Stone & Bricks Masons, we are happy to serve you as your General Masonry company. We specialize in all kinds of masonry related work and repairs. No job is too small or too big for us. You can contact us today to schedule your No-Cost consultation and estimate!

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